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Throughout its existence, wine has always had the power to connect people and spark passionate conversations.

Let the team, led by Wine Director Edouard Bourgeois, transform your home or office into a bespoke setting where wine is the bonding factor between you and friends or clients. We offer an assortment of themed events that can be curated to your space and audience, for wine-novices and connoisseurs alike.

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Sample Events

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Hidden Gems

We’ll introduce you to hidden gems from wine regions you might have heard of - and some you definitely haven’t. Discover wines that punch far above their modest cost and that will impress even the snootiest connoisseur.

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How to Read a Wine List

Ever sat down in a restaurant and been handed a massive tome of a wine list, with no idea how to make heads or tails of it? Let us help take the stress out of selecting and ordering wine by teaching you how to navigate any wine list, from a single sheet with a few dozen selections to the encyclopedias at Michelin-starred restaurants.



Natural Wines

So-called natural wines are all the rage right now, but what exactly does “natural” mean? We dive down the rabbit hole of that question and more, tasting wines made with a variety of viticultural practices.


Tour de France of Wine and Cheese

Discover the breadth and variety of France’s wines and cheeses region by region.


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La Fondue

Our most fun and interactive event! Create a vibrant atmosphere that promotes sharing, chatting, and drinking wine together with delicious , warming fondue. Perfect to brighten those dark, endless winter months.

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Taste legendary wines by iconic producers and discover a “who’s who” of the top names in the world of wine.



Create your own theme!

We can work with you to create the perfect theme at your preferred budget.